FREE - Some will, some won't

FREE - Some will, some won't


Stop talking yourself out of your YES.

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Some Will Some Won’t

When you get a massive inspired YES and you know it’s a YES but you give yourself days to talk yourself out of it. You don’t take action and you let that awareness pass by.

There is this instance where it’s a “YES, go for it!” and then we delay the energy and we cancel out our ‘yes’. We know it would create more, we know it’s what we’re asking for… but if we don’t choose that YES, the energy deletes itself down the way and becomes a missed opportunity. Your mind and your doubt and your worry and your defensive mechanisms come out and talk you out of what is actually going to create more for you.

This Creating Beyond Clearing allows you to follow your inspired YES.  

Some will choose what’s true for them, some won’t.
Some will choose to go forward, some will not.
Some will let others stop them, some won’t.
Some people will still deny what is true for them.

Use this clearing in situations where you are looking for answers. When you are choosing a new home, a new job, a new relationship, a new co-worker, a new coach, a new course or healing modality.

Creating Beyond Clearings© work profoundly on specific energies. They activate your higher priorities AND delete the blocks and stops that are holding you back - all in one.