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Change your life with the power of the group

Group coaching sessions are all about group energy. The more people show up in group sessions, the more limiting beliefs are brought up and as a result the whole group gets deeper clearings. You will also be invited to a private facebook group where you can share your experiences and struggles after each session. In summary: harness the power of interconnectivy.



  • Moving Forward Yet Getting Nowhere closed

  • Reclaiming you (year long programme) closed

  • 21 days of Clearing Excuses closed

  • 21 days or releasing Fear, Anxiety and Worry closed

  • Resetting your reality with Money closed

  • Moving out of your Own Way closed

  • Clearing your Money Status closed

  • Resetting your reality with Money closed

  • Sacred Activations- Self Mastery Course closed


How to participate?

I regulary send out e-mail invitations for group sessions. I often give one session in the series for free.
Make sure to sign up to our mailing list to benefit.

In which we clear energy around certain topics. Also make sure to follow our Facebook page for event invites!


Group sessions usually consist of 10 to 26 sessions.
Prices range from $150 to $300 per month.


Ready to release the old
and create the new?

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Group coaching

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