Empowerment & transformation stories from around the world


“Although I am by nature quite cautious about coaches claiming to do energy and spiritual work, Roxanne blew me away right from our first introcall. She felt and knew things she couldn't know before and instantly made me aware of what I was struggling with until that moment. I've been working with her since then and the shift is enormous, the change is enormous, and the growth is enormous. And, the most important part: she provides the tools and teaches you how to do the work yourself, instead of other coaches that keep you in the dark and make you dependant of the coaching. So she's not just a coach, but also a teacher and a guide.”
Jelle (Belgium)

“Roxanne has a unique ability to identify negative conscious or subconscious programs that create problems for health, relationships, or career. She uses several powerful modalities to eliminate these programs resulting in fast and impressive changes in lives of her clients.
I have used Roxanne’s services for 7 years already and received results worth of decades of personal development efforts just after one session. I highly recommend Roxanne’s healing programs for anyone who wants to improve their lives, achieve inner peace, happiness, and success.”
Anastasia (United States)


"If you believe in the Universe and it's purpose for you, Roxanne can help you uncover/rediscover that purpose.  Her intuition is astounding and she possesses the ability to get to the true source of the roadblocks in your life to achieving happiness.  Her methods are proven and the path she walks with you is different than anything you have done or experienced because of her."
Lisa (United States)


"Roxanne is an outstanding intuitive Healer and Coach.  I just had a Soul Realignment Reading and Clearing from the Akashic Records, and it was truly beneficial.  Due to Roxanne's intensive healing I am more assured, confident, and feel fearless.  I am able to quickly finish tasks and have a true alignment with the Universe. So things are unfolding easily, gently, joyfully, and quickly. I highly recommend you share in Roxanne's high quality coaching and healing abilities today!"
D. (United States)


“Roxanne’s work is innovative, intuitive and personalized. I am so grateful she’s a part of my circle. She is a gifted and talented healer. Thank you, Roxanne!!”
Lee (Canada)


"Roxanne is one of the most talented and gifted healers I know.  She is the type person who applies her extensive skills to any assignment and shares her knowledge at many levels.  I admire Roxanne's complete honesty and I appreciate her love for people.  I know her to be an intuitive person of true character and integrity.  She is a great facilitator and can peel back the onion to focus on the root cause issues with her clients. I am happy to recommend her, especially for complex and challenging healing assignments!"
Diana (United States)


"Roxanne is Awesome! She has this no nonsense approach to getting at the very root of a problem.  She gets you to imagine and believe that "better" is out there for you, and then somehow helps you reveal your own solution on how to reach for it. Very inspiring!"
Dawn (United States)


"The ThetaHealing class was a phenomenal experience for me.  Roxanne helped me to unlock/remove most of my limiting belief that held me back from manifesting my goals and dreams. I now know what ThetaHealing had to offer me was freedom. Throughout the class somethings seamed a little improbable in nature and unlikely, but the more I learned the more things cleared and my desires began to appear.  We can all agree that everyone has had different teachers throughout life, Roxanne's teaching method was the key to me coming out of the class having developed not 1 but all of my psychic senses."
Brown (United States)

“Thank you so much for our session today! In less than 30 minutes you helped me clear out some long-held beliefs about myself I didn't realize I had. To think that my fear of disappointing my family members by pursing my business dreams were holding me back blows my mind! Thanks to you, I am going to find an assistant to take over my administrative duties in my family business, open the box of books I authored, and GET OUT THERE. I thought I had the confidence to launch my coaching business in a big way, but only just now realized why it has taken me over three years to get it going. You are incredibly gifted. Thank you so much for the clarity you've given me.”
Angelique (Canada)


"Roxanne is highly intuitive and has assisted greatly in my evolution. Releasing and recognizing belief systems I didn't even know I had has helped me break patterns and achieve my goals. Such a kind and gentle healer, I've always felt safe. I couldn't recommend a more gifted healer.”
Quintessence (United States)


“Roxanne is amazing! She finds the blocks so quickly. I went through tears and pain. It brought me soooo much light and abundance. And most importantly i'm growing as a coach too for my coachees. I’m seeing results more quickly. Thank you for being my coach.”
Rachida (Belgium)


"Roxanne has assisted me in removing blocks and negative beliefs that I didn't even know I had.  I have evolved leaps and bounds.  I encourage anyone who is ready to get out of their own way to request a session.  The best part is that Roxanne is highly intuitive so she can get beliefs you may not be aware of. You feel stuck in a rut repeating the same pattern?? Roxanne pinpoints that block, thetahealing is pretty amazing. Less stress, more enjoyment, no more taking on other peoples belief systems unconsciously."
Tess (United States)


“Through tears and frustration at times to laughter and celebration, Roxanne has been genuinely supportive, caring, and such a contribution to my life! I so appreciate too how she sees past the story and helps me get to the root of things as things change much more quickly that way. Highly recommend Roxanne to those who are truly ready to change their life!”
Veronica (United States)


"I left my first session with Roxanne feeling amazing and wanting more.  My life significantly changed in ways I couldn't have imagined after hiring Roxanne and honestly hasn't stopped since!"
Melissa (United States)

child with parent.jpg

"Roxanne is delightful to work with. She is very attuned to the needs of her clients and provided the appropriate guidance and perspective to help me with my issues. She has a gentle nature and is non-judgemental- I would recommend her highly!"
Michelle (United States)


"I am more positively focused with fewer distractions after my sessions. Roxanne is very positive, focused and intuitive.  She has helped me and my family through several difficult situations. If you haven't had a session yet, call Roxanne!"
Kelli (United States)


"I have taken the ThetaHealing class, Access Consciousness/Bars class, Facelift class and the MTVSS class with Roxanne Kuchciak. I have been a long time student of Abraham Hicks and I find that my exposure to the classes with Roxanne has strengthened/increased my knowledge and belief about the vibrational world in which we live.

These classes have given me hands on applications that incorporate the Abraham Hicks teachings. I am continually working on my children, grandchildren, spouse and friends with the tools provided in Roxanne's classes.

Taking the classes from Roxanne has enriched my life and the lives of my family and friends. I could not ask for more.  I also look forward to more classes and advanced studies with Roxanne."

J. (United States)


“After working with Roxanne for six months, I’ve seen massive change in my life: my relationships with family and friends have found a new level of respect and warmth, my revenue has doubled and I found a deep sense of self-love. She has guided me through all the waves of this transformation with love and a no bullshit attitude. I’m so grateful to have her in my life!”
Julia (Belgium)

“Although she lives on the other half of the planet, she has been a great contribution to me. Roxanne has helped me to see a fresh perspective in many areas in my life.
As a coach, Roxanne is caring but doesn't buy your bullsh*t. She doesn't judge you and helps you over the bumps on the road. She challenges you in a gentle and kind way and never makes you wrong.
I have found her years of experience in the coaching and healing business very valuable. She is also constantly expanding her repertoire as a facilitator and using and sharing new tools. Her dedication to her clients shines through in every conversation.”
Sophia (Germany)


"Roxanne is a gifted coach and healer, she is always spot on with her intuitive hits often knows what's going on before I do. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to clear any block that maybe in the way of living a completely amazing life."
Angelique (United States)

testimonial couple.jpg

“Roxanne is a good hearted, proficient, clairvoyant healing practitioner. She can be trusted.”
Chantal (Canada)


“I am so grateful to have connected with Roxanne. She is kind and gentle yet challenges you to go deeper, always holding a safe space for you to explore and process. She has supported me with such dedication and commitment throughout my journey with her. I have found her sincere non-judgment approach to be truly inspirational and this has played a big part in helping me to transform and shift in so many areas of my life. She is always looking to explore new tools to try out for herself and use to further enhance the lives of her clients. I continue to be amazed by her as a person and her skills as a healer. Thank you 🙏”
Jerné (South-Africa)


"I was introduced to Theta healing over six years ago by Roxanne.  It was during an energy gathering.  While laying on the table she brought up an issue that no one had ever uncovered.  Needless to say her intuitive abilities are remarkable.  I had been receiving therapy and energy healing for many years and no one had picked up on this particular issue.  Consequently is wasn't something I was willing to discuss but I was so amazed at her statement I just started crying.  After she completed a healing statement around the issue I didn't think too much about it. Two days later I got a phone call out of the blue from someone involved in the event that I had carried so long.  Lets just say I was completely astounded by the apology and recognition that followed.  Until this day I have no idea how that happened, how the universe new it was time for me to be validated. Since then Roxanne has assisted me greatly in accelerating my evolution and changing my belief systems that do not serve my life."
Viziera (United States)


"Thank you Roxanne for a wonderful 3 day class, you are a gifted healer and teacher with compassion, understanding, and patience.  You presented the material with confidence and provided the individual support and encouragement I needed.  My personal benefit was from learning how to connect with Creator to heal past life trauma, as well as learning to heal my children.  This class really deepened the entire ThetaHealing experience for me and led me to becoming free of so many belief and issues that were keeping me restricted in my life.  Thank you again!"

Van Horn (United States)