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Your Joyful and Abundant Life Is Waiting For You. Give Yourself The Transformation You Deserve.

Would you like to have 
more abundance, more joy,
more money, better relationships,
better health and more freedom in your life?

By visiting my page, you've already taken the first step: ✨you have listened to that inspired “YES!”✨ Congratulations! You have listened to the little voice inside that knows more is possible. You know deep down that you are destined for a life that is more true to you, fed up that there are always blocks on the road ahead. I’m here to bring you more clarity. Basically, I unplug you from your mess and plug you into YOU.

I am Roxanne Kuchciak and I am a powerful Intuitive Empowerment Coach that can feel the energy of what you are talking about. Your limiting beliefs pop-up to me like a red light at a crossroads. With over 20,000 personal consultations I've helped customers all over the globe to get rid of limitations and create the life they always knew was possible.

“Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information, but of unlearning old limits - Alan Cohen

inner voice burning

1-on-1 Empowerment Coaching is for you, when…

✔ You are ready to receive everything you’ve asked for, no matter whether other people think it’s possible
✔ You are ready to create the life you know is possible
✔ You are done with old stories and old energies that are holding you back and slowing you down. Bye bye 👋
✔ You are ready to truly know what YOU know, what works for you and what doesn’t
✔ You are ready to release the points of view of others
✔ You are ready to make a commitment to yourself to rise above your current reality, no more excuses
✔ You are ready for a wonderful journey of transformation

Got 7 out of 7? Perfect!


So, how does it work?

By now you're probably asking: "Well that’s cool, Roxanne. I Checked all the boxes. But what will these sessions bring me?” Glad you asked.

  • You will become crystal clear about what you desire. Let me rephrase that: become crystal clear about what YOU desire. Not society, not your upbringing, not your partner, not your boss or customers, nor past life energies.

  • Together we focus on what you want to create in life and we find your "why nots" – the deeply rooted beliefs you have about why you can't achieve the success you dream of. As an intuitive coach I will pick up immediately where you are sabotaging yourself.

  • What limiting beliefs are blocking you to get there? Which energies are stopping you? Using a combination of modalities we will erase the root causes of these limitations. Of course we also use the Creating Beyond Clearings©.

  • For each situation that comes up (work, family, love, etc.) we discover your truth and define the actions to take. Which actions work for you and which won’t.

  • I teach you how to become self-reliant. How to tune into your inner-knowing when you have to make choices and mute limiting beliefs and other people’s voices.

  • I’m your biggest cheerleader. No judgement, no harsh words. With kindness and truth I will guide you towards your goals.

  • I give you the targeted support, guidance and accountability you need to profoundly change every aspect of your life. If you're ready... I'm ready!

“After working with Roxanne for six months, I’ve seen massive change in my life: my relationships with my family and friends have found a new level of respect and warmth. My revenue has doubled -even though I was already making a good living- and I found a deep sense of self-love. She has guided me through all the waves of this transformation with love and a no nonsense attitude. I’m so grateful to have her in my life!”
- Julia  (Belgium)

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When signing up for 1-on-1 Empowerment Coaching you commit yourself to:

  • A weekly or twice per month one-on-one session (we’ll talk about that later)

  • You show up on time in our conference call and are committed to create beyond your current reality. No excuses, no dwelling in old stories.

  • You sign up for a six month period (12 or 24 sessions). Dedicating yourself to a long-term commitment allows us to really work on all the limiting root causes. It also keeps you focused until the new reality shows up in your life. It’s very easy to negate your changes when you only have sessions sporadically.

  • It’s my experience that once we start working on one topic a lot of linked topics will come up too. For example: we are working on creating a lovely romantic relationship for you, and we discover that you hold a lot of limiting beliefs over running a business and having a relationship. So we have to work on those business beliefs first. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so a profound life transformation doesn’t happen in half an hour either ;)

roxanne new portrait.jpg

Roxanne Kuchciak

“My biggest joy is seeing my clients getting rid of those constraining energies and create big time in their lives. Makes me do a happy dance, every time!”

Experience what it's like to work with me!

During a 45-minute clarity session we'll discover together how congruent you are with your desires in life. We'll start clearing some of your limiting beliefs too. You get this session for free, no strings attached. This way you can discover if this kind of coaching suits you. And it allows me to see if I am the right coach for you too. We need to be a good match to co-create wonderful results together!

You’ll have 45 minutes full of energy clearings, free of charge. Isn’t that wonderful?


  • All sessions are held via Zoom conference call or Facebook Messenger call - as you like

  • Automatic payment through Paypal

  • For business owners: Creating Beyond sends the invoice to your company




✔ 12 sessions in 6 months
✔ 45 minutes per session
✔ Alternating weeks



✔ 24 sessions in 6 months
✔ 45 minutes per session
VIP BONUS: 6-month support at any moment of the day for guidance and additional clearings

For those that want to have quick results and profound transformation in life. We also recommend this package for people going through massive life changes: divorce, starting a new business, family dynamics, etc.


save $1000

✔ 24 sessions in 6 months
✔ 45 minutes per session
✔ VIP BONUS: 6-month support at any moment of the day for guidance and additional clearings

EXTRA BONUS: you get a $1000 reduction when you pay the six months in full in one single payment: $5000. So one month for free!


Not sure yet? Book a clarity session now

This might be a big investment for you, but just imagine how much more you could earn in a month if you got rid of some of those stuck money beliefs? 90% of my customers have doubled their income after working with me.

Hesitating? I offer a free session so you can figure out if i’m the right coach for you. To book your session, simply open the Calendly tool with the button below. You can indicate whether you prefer a call via Facebook Messenger or over Zoom.

Download 3 powerful clearings - for free!

Creating Beyond Clearings© work profoundly on specific energies. They activate your higher priorities AND delete the blocks and stops that are holding you back - all in one.

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