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Are you ready to create beyond your current reality? 

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Roxanne Kuchciak

Intuitive Empowerment Coach


Do you know more is possible?

I'm Roxanne Kuchciak. I’m an Empowerment Coach. I help clients get through fears and become unstoppable.  With over 20,000 personal consultations, I've helped clients all over the globe to get rid of their limitations and create a life they always knew was possible.


What shows up in our lives are the fruits of the tree. If we don't like those, we have to look at the roots that created those fruits.

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“My biggest joy is seeing my clients getting rid of those constraining energies and create big time in their lives. Makes me do a happy dance, every time!”
- Roxanne Kuchciak

We get to the root of your limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are given to us through our upbringing, friends, societal expectations, movies, etc. Sometimes they are deeply engrained in our souls from past life experiences. 99% of the time we are unaware of those beliefs. They constrain us in the career choices we make, the partners we choose, the challenges we take on and what we expect from and give to those close to us, etc. They limit us in what we think is right for us and what we deserve. It makes us live our lives on auto-pilot steered by beliefs that are not even ours. In doing so we impoverish our lives. Until one day we are fed up with the same patterns repeating themselves again and again and again. What would be possible if you clear those beliefs from your system?

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