12 clearings to powerfully move forward

12 clearings to powerfully move forward


91 minutes - 12 superpowerful clearings that will propel you forward in life.

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Are you ready for your next transformation? These 12 clearings will for sure help you reach that next level you have been looking for.

1. Unwilling to be correct - You know that you know, but yet you don’t trust it.
2. False Starts - You get excited, you are about to take action but you don’t.
3. Imposed Tragedy - No one will choose you, that can’t happen for you.
4. Going back for more drama - Everywhere you’re spending so much effort to unplug from the drama but you are automatically recreating it.
5. Clouding your vision - When did your vision first become clouded? Who is interfering with your vision?
6. Where is your out - All of the places where you are running multiple energies, so you always have a back-up plan.
7. Keeping Score - It’s my turn, it’s your turn, it’s someone else’s turn to have it all. Everywhere you’re giving up your turn.
8. Underdog - Everyone that predicted you would never make it and you would never succeed.
9. Bullshit Barriers - Everywhere you’re trying to make the bullshit true.
10. Time Fillers - If you were not wasting time, what would you be able to create?
11. I’m ahead of my time - Everywhere people have used “you are ahead of your time” to stop you.
12. Free at last - Everywhere you are in relationships with people that diminish you.

⭐️Lisa's testimonial⭐️

"I thought I had already cleared a lot of my limiting beliefs. Until I ran the 'Moving Forward' clearings. Over the course of a few days I could feel my energy shift to a whole different level. A deep sense of inner peace, excitement for the future and -woooosh!- energy flowing through my body. It worked profoundly without feeling the sense of loss or turmoil I usually feel after clearings."

"It's hard to explain. Suddenly the limiting beliefs of others became so much more apparent to me. I could feel I was playing in a different field as the people that surrounded me (friends, colleagues, customers, etc.) 
An inability to choose anything "less than" had rooted itself inside of me. Not on a mental level, but on a deeply rooted soul level. 'Less than' is simply not an option anymore, not a choice anymore."

"In the past month so much has changed for me: I have attracted awesome new business projects, old contacts have reached out to me to work on cultural projects that truely make my heart sing, I've met new people that are so much alligned with who I've become and I've been receiving inspiration on new pathways for my business that are so much "next level" I would not even have dreamed of them a year ago. However.... I can feel that I'm so ready for this next level, that I can create these new 'uplevel' business ideas. So, thank you for this wonderful gift, Roxanne!"